Get Noticed – Be Heard

Are you ready to get noticed and be heard in this noisy world? Respected literary agent Wendy Keller will teach you the easiest way to get a large, growing group of fans who know you exist and who love you and love your work – customized to your own strengths, style and talents. Your message deserves to be heard!

Get in front of the right people the right way…right now.
Perfect for: Authors + Speakers + Thought Leaders + Small Businesses + Coaches + Consultants + Therapists + and more.

Everybody Needs a “Platform”

Discover the easiest, most straightforward way to:

  • Get Yourself or Your Work Featured in Newspapers + Magazines (digital and print)
  • Sell More Copies of Your Book, Products or Services
  • Rapidly Build a Social Media Following that Continues to Grow
  • Get Well-Paid Speaking Engagements…as many as you want
  • Make Yourself a Desirable Guest on TV and Podcasts
  • More!
“The courses offered here are everything that couldn’t fit into the book. Choose the ones that excite you most to get the easiest, fastest ways to attract all the attention you and your message deserve now. The time to attract more people into your world is…today.”

Make It Easy on Yourself

Building a “fan club”, a “platform” or a “network” looks like a lot of work if you try to do everything all at once. In these easy-to-understand, focused courses taught by content marketing specialist and author Wendy Keller, you will be able to sequentially build your platform “one bite at a time.” Each easy, step-by-step course is designed to make it simple for you to launch and grow your influence in the world fast…and increase your visibility strategically.

Choose any Course for just $39

Get them all now and earn yourself (and your team) a 30-minute live implementation BONUS session with marketing consultant Wendy Keller
Course 1

Talk Your Way to Success

Use your gift of gab to attract people to you, eager to listen to what you’ve got to say, and hold their attention.

Discover how to get paid to give speeches or talks, lead workshops or webinars, teach classes online or live to bring people to your message so they can benefit from your knowledge. From how to pick the best topics to how to find people who want to listen to you, this comprehensive program will get you up and profitable quickly.

In addition to the video training you also get:
Course 2

How to Get Interviewed on Radio and TV

Journalists are hungry for lively, knowledgeable guests with great content and good personalities. Here’s how to get yourself booked on as many shows as you want.
The big secret of media is this: they need great people to interview every single day! There’s an endless need for prepared, intelligent guests who can help them keep their audience interested and engaged. To get yourself interviewed, you need to understand how the system works and how to pitch yourself effectively.
In addition to the video training, you also get:
Course 3

Podcasting, Streaming TV & Internet Radio

The internet has leveled the field for everyone. This course is for you if you want to host your own show or be a guest on other people’s anywhere in the world.
This course is perfect for anyone seeking to build their own show/podcast and attract an audience quickly with an eye toward eventually getting sponsors/advertisers; it also will help you figure out how to become attractive to the hosts of other shows so that they bring you on as a guest. **Perfect for anyone living outside of North America who is seeking to build a brand name in the USA
In addition to the video training, you also get:
Course 4

Writing a Bodacious Brand

Build your brand from your laptop! If you can write, you’ve come to the right place. This course is for anyone who is or wants to become an author, a columnist, a (better) copywriter or blogger.

Writing well is an uncommon skill…and being able to turn your writing into money is an even less common one. Based on Wendy Keller’s extraordinary career as an award-winning journalist, publicist, author and literary agent, this course will help you transform keystrokes into dollars.
In addition to the video training, you also get:
Course 5

Stealth Secrets of Social Media

Setting up a social media account is just the beginning! Discovering how to get the world to pay attention to you is the real trick in this noisy, busy world. Find out how with this course.
Everybody and their dog has a Facebook or a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile or a Pinterest page. Making yourself stand out for business reasons requires a lick of skill, some logical thinking and some know-how. This course will help you figure out where your public is hiding and the best ways to attract them into your world.
In addition to the video, you also get:
Course 6

The Gentle Art of Shameless Self Promotion

The real secret of platform building is figuring out who has your audience now and then creating strategic relationships with them that benefit everyone.
Being shy won’t get you anywhere. This course is all about how to identify, connect with and build mutually beneficial relationships with the people you need to know – the ones who have products or services that are complementary to what you offer. These people are looking for you as much as you are looking for them. Here’s how to do it.
In addition to the video, you also get:

What a Platform Can Do for You:

Create an ever-growing group of people who resonate with your message, your product, and your services. Having these people who like and admire you can change your life in these ways:

What Our Students Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The methods themselves always work…if the content you are sharing is on point.  Sometimes, a little tweak is all you need to help people get excited.  Try different ways of phrasing the same things, use alternative photos, pitch to a different group, tweak your platform plan until you get the results you seek.  It works if you work it.

You absolutely WILL NOT make money unless you adapt your message for the audience you want to reach. But when you do, your lead flow (new customers for whatever you’re selling) will definitely increase.  The faster you find the “vein of gold” in the wants and needs of your target buyers, the faster you will create results for yourself using this unique and thorough system.

If you have enough on your hands and you want some help, or if you are just a team of one person, then Content Marketing Strategist Wendy Keller may be able to help you implement and/or assemble an ideal team that can do some or all of the marketing for you, your book, your speaking or even your business.  Start here by “renting” Wendy’s brain. 

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