How to Get Interviewed on Radio and TV



The internet has leveled the field for everyone. This course is for you if you want to host your own show or be a guest on other people’s anywhere in the world.
This course is perfect for anyone seeking to build their own show/podcast and attract an audience quickly with an eye toward eventually getting sponsors/advertisers; it also will help you figure out how to become attractive to the hosts of other shows so that they bring you on as a guest. **Perfect for anyone living outside of North America who is seeking to build a brand name in the USA
In addition to the video training, you also get:

  • Content Planning Guide
  • Show Formatting Guide
  • How to Write a Compelling Treatment for Your Show (to attract sponsors)
  • How to Select and Attract Guests
  • How to Pitch Yourself to Other Shows
  • Mini Media Training
  • Press Release Writing
  • The “Givers Gain” Principle of Getting Booked
  • How to Find Shows You Ought to Be On
  • More insights, downloads and reference recommendations


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