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Journalists are hungry for lively, knowledgeable guests with great content and good personalities. Here’s how to get yourself booked on as many shows as you want.
The big secret of media is this: they need great people to interview every single day! There’s an endless need for prepared, intelligent guests who can help them keep their audience interested and engaged. To get yourself interviewed, you need to understand how the system works and how to pitch yourself effectively.
In addition to the video training, you also get:

  • How to Write a Compelling Press Release (with samples)
  • The Easiest Way to Pitch Yourself Successfully to Busy Journalists (the 1-2-3 method)
  • How to Speak in sound bites (so they invite you back!)
  • Crash Course on Media Training
  • Media Marketing Success Pyramid
  • How to Set Up a Branded YouTube Channel (so they can sample your style before they book you)
  • The Give Principle of Radio and TV- Building Freemiums
  • More downloads, samples and examples


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