Stealth Secrets of Social Media



Setting up a social media account is just the beginning! Discovering how to get the world to pay attention to you is the real trick in this noisy, busy world. Find out how with this course.
Everybody and their dog has a Facebook or a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile or a Pinterest page. Making yourself stand out for business reasons requires a lick of skill, some logical thinking and some know-how. This course will help you figure out where your public is hiding and the best ways to attract them into your world.
In addition to the video, you also get:

  • Creating an Effective Facebook Public Figure Page
  • How to Set Up a Branded YouTube Channel
  • How to Post Articles on LinkedIn that get read
  • Analytics Sample Spreadsheet
  • Strategy and Planning Calendar
  • Graphic Integrity – how to make a brand out of your social media
  • Copywriting Cheat Sheet
  • Guide to Building Freemiums and EBooks
  • Marketing Success Pyramid
  • Why paid marketing rarely works until your audience is clear
  • More “cheat sheets”, tips, samples, guidance and recommended reading


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