Talk Your Way to Success



Use your gift of gab to attract people to you, eager to listen to what you’ve got to say, and hold their attention.

Discover how to get paid to give speeches or talks, lead workshops or webinars, teach classes online or live to bring people to your message so they can benefit from your knowledge. From how to pick the best topics to how to find people who want to listen to you, this comprehensive program will get you up and profitable quickly.

In addition to the video training you also get:

  • The Speech Topic Selector System – so you choose the best topic easily
  • How to Promote Yourself as a Speaker (for free or for fee – anywhere you want to talk)
  • Sample pitch letter, sample speaking contract and sample testimonial release
  • How to Plan and Execute a Perfect Webinar that gets results
  • The Pearl Method (video)
  • How to Market Yourself as a Speaker
  • So Much, Much More


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